Where to Buy Sprinkles From?

Edible colourful sprinkles, who wouldn’t love them. Sprinkles bring so much brightness, colour and texture to your cakes, so no wonder they are so popular amongst the cake decorators. The colour and shape options are pretty much endless these days. Typically, you will find sprinkles in any original colour out there. There is also range of metallic silver, and gold shades of sprinkles out there. Shape wise, you will have just as many options as colour wise. At the moment, mermaid and unicorn themed sprinkles are probably the most popular out there.

The actual term “sprinkles” represents a wide variety of candy decorations such as sanding sugar, nonpareils, dragées, jimmies, hundreds-and-thousands, sequins and so much more.

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When it comes to buying sprinkles, there are few different places you can find them from.

The most obvious option would be a company that is specializing in sprinkles. There’s growing number of them out there. Most of these businesses make also custom sprinkle mixes, so if you can’t find suitable sprinkle mix from their huge range, you can also make up one yourself and buy exactly what you were looking for. Luckily most of these sprinkle companies operate online as well, so even when they aren’t nearby, you can still buy from their range.

The second very obvious option would be cake supply stores. Larger and better equipped cake decorating stores can have just as wide range in their inventory, then the businesses that are solely specializing on sprinkles. The good thing about cake supply shops is also the fact that they usually stock range of sprinkles from several different manufacturers. So, when you’re looking for sprinkles that are suitable for vegan or halal dietary requirements, your changes are much better with cake decorating supply stores.

Since cake decorating in general is becoming more and more popular, you may also find nice range of sprinkles from your normal supermarket. Supermarket sprinkle range may not be as wide, and colour choices can be limited, but if you’re not too fussy, and need something just to decorate your cakes or cupcakes you may be pleasantly surprised with their range.

It’s also a good idea to check out some of the lolly shops. Not always and not all of them, do stock sprinkles, but you never know your luck. Even when they don’t sell what you’re looking for, you can always ask if they could order some sprinkles in for you. Or they may have a good idea where to find them, if they can’t order them themselves.

And lastly, some of the cheap $2 shops also stock range of sprinkles. Again, not all of them have them, but larger stores can have quite a few options available in their party and cake decorating section.

So, whenever you’re on a hunt for sprinkles, keep open mind try different places, to find the sprinkles you’re looking for.


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