Is Edible Gold Leaf Really Edible?

Edible gold leaf is really edible yes, but there is a but. Not all gold leaves are edible. The gold leaf that you can buy from most of the craft stores, is not classified as edible. It’s usually also much cheaper than edible gold leaf. The reason why it’s not edible and why it’s also cheaper, is the fact that they are not pure gold leaves.

As we all know, gold is super expensive. So, to bring down the cost, some of the gold leaves are either pure imitations, or then mixed with other cheaper metals.  Either of the options, would not be edible as they are not pure gold anymore.


Is Edible Silver Leaf Really Edible?

Story with the edible silver leaf is very similar to the edible gold leaf. There are edible versions out there and also nonedible versions. So, whenever you need to use 100% edible silver or gold leaf, you need to make sure you ready the packaging really well, to see if they are classified edible or not.

What About Edible Rose Gold Leaf?

Probably the most popular question we get all the time, is “Do you sell edible rose gold leaf?” Unfortunately, though edible rose gold leaf would be super popular, no such thing exists. Rose gold leaf is made out of copper, and copper is not classified as metal that is edible nor safe to consume. So, if you’re planning your next cake and have your mind set on rose gold colour, you can either use nonedible rose gold leaf, on removable parts of the cake. Or you would need to use some edible gold food colouring and hand pain the details. Luckily, there are plenty of rose gold edible options out there to choose from, so you can easily still create what you had in mind.

Things to Remember when choosing edible gold leaf:

  • Not all the gold leaves are classified as edible, some are only ok to use for craft projects. So always double check the packaging before buying gold leaf.
  • Same goes to edible silver leaf. Make sure that the packaging clearly states that it is indeed edible version of it.
  • Yes, there is rose gold leaf or copper leaf out on the market, but there is no edible rose gold leaf available.
  • If you can’t find edible versions of edible gold and silver leaf, you can still use nonedible versions. Just keep in mind that in that case, you can’t cover the whole cake with it, nor can you use it on anything that will be consumed. Nonedible golf leaf can only be used on removable parts of the cakes, that are only there for decoration purposes and aren’t actually part of the whole cake.


Keeping these points in mind, when buying edible gold leaf next time, is a good idea, to make sure you’ll spend your money wisely, and not on something you actually won’t be able to use.

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